Canadian Natural oils RosesMedical Scientists have shown rose hip oil to be a powerful skin-tissue re-generator. Researchers found that rose hips contain from 10-100 times more vitamin C than any other food!!
Rose hips also contain many vitamins and essential minerals such as calcium, iron & phosphorous. Vitamin B1, B2, A, E, K, P & niacin are strongly present.

Research has shown that rose hip oil is beneficial for sensitive skin, thread veins, capillary damage or weakness & very effective in promoting tissue regeneration. It’s also useful on scars, burn & wrinkles. Excellent for spider veins,  varicose veins & helpful for inflammation of mature, dry, hard or over exposed skin.

Our rose hips have been tested for nutrient values, the results were rich in Vit.C, flavinoids,  Beta-Carotene, iron, zinc manganese, copper, boron, potassium & nitrogen. They also contain Vit.E, A, B1, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous & sulfur. The Canadian Natural Oils wild rose hips are prepared in a cold-pressed grape seed oil base, blended with cold-pressed sunflower oil & our own hand picked chamomile added.  Grape seed oil is one of the highest sources of linoleic acid known, is among the lowest in saturated fats and is a great source of essential fatty acids. Our chamomile may add to strengthening of the capillary wall, i.e. smooth out  the appearance of broken capillaries & help soothe and calm sensitive and allergic skin conditions.

Dr. Hans Herbst, graduate of radiology & nuclear medicine at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, plus a surgeon and head of the Dept. of  Radiology of the Chilean Air Force Hospital in Santiago, has worked with rose hip oil extensively in treating skin alterations, especially secondary dermatitis resulting from radiotherapy.
He Comments:  “I have applied  rose hip oil on all types of skin. Rose hip oil acts on scars, reducing hyper-pigmentation, flattening hypertrophia and loosening up fibrous chords. All these effects end up in a near complete attenuation of scars”

We recommend applying sparingly over the area you wish to strengthen, as essential oils are added to the Rosehip Oil which allows a small amount to penetrate quickly. Rub on morning & evenings for best results.


Rosehip Oil


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