LotionA massage lotion that nourishes your skin by replacing lost moisture leaving it feeling soft, smooth & non-greasy

 Rose hip oil: High in Vitamin C, A, B & B2 with 12 essential minerals.
 Pure Glycerine: It absorbs moisture from the air and helps to moisturize dry skin.
 Coco Butter: Softens & lubricates the skin.
 Sunflower Oil: Cold pressed.  High in Vitamin E, A, B, D.
Vitamin E being the principal one! Very helpful for bruises and
Skin conditions.

 Grapeseed Oil:  Cold pressed.  High level of anti-oxidants in form of Vitamin E. High in Linoleic Acid, low in saturated fat.
Pure Essential oils of Rose Absolute:
Rosewood oil and Peppermint oils, which are very helpful for broken thread veins, sensitive skin & mature, dry or hard skin. Soothing for most skin types, May help clear clogged pores and may soothe itching, inflammation and sunburn.

A little goes a long way!
Massage into skin. Avoid eye area. Will not feel greasy!
Keep in a cool, dark place

Velvet Body Lotion


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