Rose Hips In The News


Rosehips may be the hippest healing treatment

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With an increasing number of people seeking natural skincare solutions, rose hips and rose hip seed oil are coming back in vogue due to their wide range of antioxidants and other healthy elements.

And what are rose hips? Simply put, they are the seed pods of roses.

Canadian spa doyenne, Juanita Corbett is an advocate of rose hips after discovering thousands of acres of the rose plants on her former property at the popular destination spa and wellness centre, The Hills Health Ranch in northern British Columbia. Initially, she was interested in producing rose oil, before discovering the value of the rose hips. “And rose oil is a challenge – it takes 2000 pounds of petals to produce an ounce of rose oil,” Corbett advises.

After having some research conducted, Corbett discovered rose hips contain 62 to 100 times more vitamin C than any other food source. “Using rose hips for health isn’t new,” Juanita notes. “During the war, the United Kingdom gave children and soldiers ingestible rose hips to help prevent scurvy. And, in addition to vitamin C, it is also high in vitamin A, B1, B2 and zinc.”